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Who we Are

A bit about us

We are pure buyers when it comes to the auto industry. We do one thing; we buy cars. No retail sales. We exist to help you sell your car or move your trade-ins quicker, so you can get your cash and cap your deal. All Auto Buyer is recognized by franchises and auto dealers nation-wide as both buyers and sellers of automotive. We serve both the individual looking to sell their vehicle and dealerships looking to sell their trades. We’ve never passed on a car, so, if you’re a car dealer, reach out to us now or sign up. Get your free quote and simplify the trade-in and selling process.

We always work for our clients

By design we are strictly car buyers and use our vast dealership network across the states to place our purchases. With a buy only strategy, we free ourselves from the conflicts that exist at many large auto retail dealerships. Every dealer or customer is served by a professional appraiser and a buyer, who work as a team with the support of our top notch administrative staff to give you exceptional service for every vehicle we buy. We are committed to serving our customers’ best interests, first and always. Nearly a decade in business, thousands of cars purchased, and we have paid up-front for all vehicles. Our reputation is in service, efficiency, and integrity. Our clients, whom we thank for allowing us to serve them, seem to love how we do business.

What We Buy

Any car?

We will buy any car. Any condition, any year, any make, any mileage. Whether it is leased, financed, or lien-free and title in hand, we will give you a quote that we’ll stand by.

Early Lease Termination

Need to get out of your lease? Are you over your mileage allowance and want to save money by buying out your vehicle? We’ve got you covered. We will buy your leased car from the bank or manufacturer so you can terminate early, satisfy all of your outstanding payments and save hundreds or thousands on your over-mileage! Are you under mileage? Call us and find out if you qualify for instant cash rebates on your lease. 

We make selling your car simple and practical with the intent to guide you to the most profitable outcome. There are no restrictions on what year, make, or model vehicle we buy. As our name suggests, we buy all auto.

We Specialize In:

  • Dealer Trade-In
  • Mid-Lease Termination
  • Cash for Car and Title
  • Payoff Car Loan
  • High Mileage Lease Buy-Out
  • Low Mileage Cash Rebates
  • Classics
  • Exotics
  • Modified Cars

Whether you’re leaving the country, the state, started ubering, or your car is just sitting in a garage, we really mean it when we say we #buyallauto.

Contact us today or enter your vehicle information to get a quote on your car! For dealers with trade-in inventory, we are trade-in specialists. Try our free dealer platform and cash your inventory today!

How It Works

For Dealers

Our dealers have an integrated platform that has a host of features that include: Dashboard VIN Decoding, Auto Appraisal, Vehicle Conditions, Original Window Sticker Options, Online Messaging with your trade consultant, VIN Entry History, and Contact Preferences to name a few. Our goal is to expedite communicating accurate vehicle information to our team of dedicated buyers, to save you time and money. It’s all about fast online negotiations with people you know and we offer up-front payment on all trades. Our in-house title assistants will communicate with any of your departments to efficiently handle vehicle pick up, payment, and processing.

For Consumers

Consumers now have access to the same techniques used by industry leading dealers to sell their cars. First benchmark your car with our online tool, add options and any damages you feel are accurate to get the best quote. This will give you an instant quote to get an idea of what your car could fetch in the market. If you want to sell us your car, submit your information and we will contact you and take the next step.

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