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We Fund Our Own Purchases

No headaches or delays from dealing with a lender or a bank, dozens of Craigslist buyers or dealers looking to upsell you a car. Just bring us your car and get paid cash! Many people buying cars look for financing on vehicles over $5000. Whether you’re trying to sell your vehicle through classifieds or using other online methods you come to realize that money is scarce. If people can use their credit cards to buy cars from you there would be a surge of car deals across the country. We understand this gap all too well and that’s why we’re in business. We direct fund every purchase we make at All Auto Buyer. So when we buy your car, truck or SUV, whether it’s financed, leased and you want to have it paid off to exit your lease or own the thing outright, you can be confident that it’s not a third party execution but we deal with the institutions and write the check ourselves!
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