Green Tree Acceptance Lien Release

Green Tree Acceptance was an Auto Lender that was sold to Ditech Financial in 2015.  Many of the loans that were carried by GreenTree Acceptance are no longer billed or processed by Ditech.  Unfortunately the liens that were placed on these vehicles still appear on the titles and are registered with the respective DMVs of that state.

There are a couple of solutions that can remedy this situation.

GreenTree Acceptance customers that are in Non-Title Holding States (owner held titles) should still have an original copy of the title and may be able to re-title through another state.

GreenTree Acceptance customers that are in Title Holding States (lien-holder held titles) will not have an original title since the bank never releases it before the loan is paid in full and therefore will have to attempt to get a copy of this title before a remedy to the problem can be applied.

Fortunately we are specialists in resolving such issues and have been successful in obtain Titles and/or Lien Releases for countless GreenTree Acceptance clients.


To start the process of obtaining a clear and free title fill out the form below and one of our title representatives will get back to you shortly. We will need a copy of the title if you have it and must have a copy of the license registered on the loan or title to begin.

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