The car’s title, a lien release if your title shows lien, and the driver’s license associated with the name on the title.

Yes. We buy leased vehicles from people every day. To find out if your car qualifies email us or give us a call.

Yes. Depending on the Make and Model of the vehicle it is possible to buy your car before the term of the lease.

Early lease termination means that we can buy your car for the amount owed on the lease agreement and rid you of your lease payments.

In a case where you owe more money than the value of the vehicle, we will pay off the entire amount to the bank or lending institution and the customer is responsible to pay us the difference.

Yes. Our office is located at 1961 Bath Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11214.

We have buyers on the road all day making house and office calls. Call or Email to make an appointment.

We buy cars nationwide.

You can get your car bought and paid for in as little as 15 minutes.

No, we are an auto buying company. We don’t have any ulterior motives when we buy like selling you a car or trading your car in for a new one.

Several factors are taken into consideration to determine the value of a vehicle. The main factors are current market value, mileage, and condition. Submit your car or give us a call to get a quote!

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