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What you should know when selling a car!

There are a few points you need to cover first before you can determine where or how to sell your car, truck, SUV, sportscar or whatever else you drive your granny in. First. Do you own the vehicle? Do you have a title and is it free and clear? Which means to say, is it free of any liens. If there is money owed and you’re still making payments then you’ll have to obtain the title before you can sell it and transfer the title to the new owner. Or you can sell it to a trusted dealer that specializes in buying or trading in used cars. Then they can work with the bank to make the payoff minus or plus any difference in value that you owe. Second. Cars range in value… It’s typically easier to sell a $3000 Camry on Craigslist than it is to sell a $50,000 BMW. Most people will finance anything over $5000 so selling a car can become cumbersome. Regardless of the price, selling a car can be a painful process that takes time and patience. You can’t put a FOR SALE sign on a $35,000 Lexus and expect someone to walk up and write a check for it or pay you in bills. Maybe a $1000 Mitsubishi or a $2000 Ford but even that can be a hassle sometimes. Knowing this really helps to understand how to go about liquidating your vehicle. (Specialty cars fall into a different category) Third. Know your motor! If you want to sell it then gather the information of the vehicle like the VIN (Vehicle Identification), the current miles, the trim, options, condition. All these points will allow a potential buyer to know what they’re looking at. Have a few pictures of the car ready and make sure you know what your payments are and what you owe if anything.  
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